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:Mlp Original Species: Regal Gem Ponies :Info: by HopeForTheFuture13 :Mlp Original Species: Regal Gem Ponies :Info: by HopeForTheFuture13

READ THE DESCIPTION PLEASE BEFORE YOU MAKE ONE, AND YOU MUST JOIN THIS GROUP :iconregal-gem-pony-group: *in caps so people notice it =3=*

Species Name: Regal Gems

Homeland: the mountain city of “Shimmering Heights” A land that’s summer all year round their city is built upon a mountain where the gems can look down on the other species.

Appearance and Social Classes: They possess several jewels on their foreheads and near their eyes, they also have a thin tail with a “forked” tip where more jewels can be found the amount representing how much magical ability they have, 17 gems being the 1st tier, 11 being the 2nd and 6 being the 3rd. Manes and Coats can be any color, their eyes will always be the same color as their jewels  unless they are blind, and they can have any mane style but only the higher classes would have really elegant styles. If their Gems are any shade of the Main crystal colors they will be put into that "class” regardless on who they are or how they behave they will remain in their class and their “tier” decides what position they get in their class Ex. A 1st tier Servant will be a supervisor *as they are more powerful*, while a 3rd tier would get the hardest jobs to "improve" themselves.

Breeding: They are capable of having foals but they are very picky about their mates and will usually only breed with others of their class or from a class above them. They have 1 to 4 foals per pregnancy and just like most mammals it is the female that carries the child. Although thanks to inbreeding there are some males who are capable of carrying young *if you like that sort of thing*. And married couples wear a ring on their "forked" tails gems will usually only have children with their spouse.  If two royals have a foal chances are it will not be royal as the crystal color appears to be completely random the same goes for other classes. At birth the foals are sorted into their classes and taken from their original parents and families to be raised by their own class. Permission must be given from hopeforthefuture13 before you can breed.

Gender Differences: There are none

Abilities: They are capable of using energy based magic thanks to their gems the more gems the stronger they are, although the colors of the gems have nothing to do it.

Diet: the whole species are vegetarians as the other species that live in their lands are too dangerous to hunt.

Life Expectancy:  They live usually to a max of 70 years but many die young due to the wrong gem getting the wrong job.

Religion: They believe themselves to be descended from the “clear god” Astra a great Stallion with gems so pure they were clear and shimmered with the light of heaven, this is far from the truth however and the classes and tier systems they have come from this belief.

It is believed Astra fathered 9 children and each of these children had the same clear gems as him, but the colors of their gems changed depending on what they did with their lives. Albus his son with white gems followed his fathers teachings the closest and was blessed with the abilities to hear Astra’s heavenly voice and in turn keep his siblings from straying too far…  Caeruleus the son with blue gems was his father’s favored son and was blessed with being given the right to rule over his siblings as he was the one who was best fit to keep things in order.  Purpureus the daughter with purple gems was cherished as well by her father and learned the trade of coin thus she was blessed with being put in charge of trade and land for her siblings. Rubra the daughter with red gems was the bravest of the children thus she was blessed with the strength to protect her siblings and was thus tasked with keeping up her vigil. Fulvus the daughter who had yellow gems was quite quiet and lacked inner strength thus she was made to serve her stronger siblings as it was her place. Parsinus the son with green gems found he had great skill in tending to the land thus he was made to forever work to help care for his stronger siblings. Roseus the daughter of pink was a caring type seeing how his daughter cared for others Astra blessed her with the magic to heal her siblings when they were injuried. Croceus the son of orange was a loner and strayed from his father’s teachings thus he was punished as Astra told the rest of his children to ignore Croceus since it seemed the boy preferred to be alone. Lastly Lividus the daughter of black her heart was cold and her magic dark thus Astra drove her away from her siblings as she had become a monster…  Its from these siblings each gem is descended from and the gem color they are born with shows what Astra intends for them to do in life and his decision is final…

Notes: Just because they work in a certain class doesn’t mean their good at their job, you can have a coward of a soldier or a healer who knows nothing about healing or caring for others..

Classes, Tiers, and Jobs:
*note they are listed their class status the lower on the list the lower they are in society*

 Holy: they are the priests or priestess of the species they are seen as holy beings and are the closest to their “godly” ancestors, in truth they are royals who’ve been kept all their lives in a tower all alone so they don’t come in contact with corruption. Jobs: Priests/priestesses
Tier 1: Are seen as the children of Astra
Tier 2: Are worshiped as living connections to Astra
Tier 3: Usually work as priests or Priestesses
Gem Color: White or light blue
Possible Jobs: Living God, Channler, Priest, Priestess, Advisor to royalty etc.

Royals: The Royals are the king, queen, princes, and princesses of the gems they are usually quite snobby and never have to work for what they want, they are highly likely to become corrupted but a select few of them are chosen to become holy gems at birth. 
Tier 1: The Royal family they live in luxury and rule over Shimmering Heights, they make the laws with help from their holy advisors and are the “direct descendants of Astra”
Tier 2: They also live in luxury but will never take the throne
Tier 3: They will never rule but will never have to work for anything
Gem Color: Blue
Possible Jobs: Ruling, Smuggling, Corrupt Official, Judge, Business Owners, Artists, Singers, etc

Nobles: Are second only to the royals they usually live with royalty and are given the highest positions in their jobs and are known to be just as snobby as the royals they also will be able to marry into royalty.  Tier 1: They live their lives as celebrities and usually live with royalty
Tier 2: They enjoy an expensive life and own their own manors
Tier 3: Usually own something but its rare for them to have servants. 
Gem Color: Purple
Possible Jobs: Performer, Singer, Business owner, Judge, Critic etc.

 Soldiers: Make up the royal army and guards will put their lives on the line for king and country, are loyal to certain rulers one soldier may follow the prince but not the princess, they are trained to fight from young ages. 
Tier 1: High ranking in the army or the Guard
Tier 2: May be allowed to lead a small squad
Tier 3: Grunt Level /Cannon Fodder
Gem Color: Red
Possible Jobs:  Royal Guard Member *stay around shimmering heights and protect it*, Royal Army Member *travel outside the shimmering heights area and try to claim new lands*, body guard, mercenary etc.

Healers: They are charged with keeping the other members of their species healthy and alive; they mostly work with soldiers or care for foals.
Tier 1: Fill the role of a Doctor, or are left in charge of royal or noble foals
Tier 2: Are seen as nurses or medics they are usually sent out with soldiers
Tier 3: Take care of foals and the elderly
Gem Colors: Pink
Possible Jobs: foalsitter, nannies, doctors, medics etc.

Commoners:  They are the middle Class of the gems and may own small business and are in charge of farming.
Tier 1: Are allowed to own businesses
Tier 2: Are trusted with taking care of businesses or farms
Tier 3: Like a minimum wage employee
Gem Color: Green
Possible Jobs: Farmers, Business owners, Florists, bartenders, waitresses/waiters, etc

Servants:  They usually work for Royals and Nobles they are taught to serve their superiors from birth as servants or lovers.
Tier 1: May be taken as a lover by higher class, and work as supervisors
Tier 2: Are valued as skilled servants
Tier 3: Usually sent with Soldiers to clean or take care of camps
Gem Color: Yellow
Possible Jobs: Maid, Cook, Gardener, Performer *comedy usually*, Part of a harem, bulter etc

Worthless: They are seen as useless and are never given any jobs or cared for, they are expendable and good for nothing as far as the other classes see
Tier 1: Are highly skilled in Magic most of them join the rebels
Tier 2: Can best an average unicorn at magic use but are still considered "worthless"
Tier 3: Are on par with a unicorn when it comes to magic
Gem Color: Orange
Possible Jobs: NONE

Corrupted: These few are disowned by their classes and families and are banished from the lands the darker the crystal the more corrupt they are, these types are created by coming into contact with the corrupted or by greed, they may also be corrupted by the swamp witch, the darker the gem the madder or more feral they are.
Tier 1: Are Highly Dangerous and must be avoided
Tier 2: Are Dangerous but can be taken care
Tier 3: Are thought of as more of a pest
Gem Color: Black
Jobs: Thieves, murderers, beasts etc.

The species belongs to me HopeForTheFuture13 If you want one join the group and ask I won't say no unless your a known art thief or bully, I have other species there as well~

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PencilSketch88199 Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2014
sorry to bother again, but does a soldier count as a royal guard?
HopeForTheFuture13 Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Usually yes unless there a rebel you can check the folder for soliders for additional info
PencilSketch88199 Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2014
awesome! thank you, i may seem like a bother but i dont want to break any rules Sweating a little... 
PencilSketch88199 Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2014
hi, i have asked to join your group and i am ever so slightly confused about the ''tiers'', when or if i get accepted into your group, i have an idea for a female soldier and i dont know what ''tier'' to choose, thanks for the help 
HopeForTheFuture13 Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Tiers are there level of magical power and thier status within thier class a tier one is the strongest and seen as leader, tier two is the middle and common ground while tier 3 are weaker at magic and usually seen as lower in thier class
PencilSketch88199 Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2014
ah! that clears up alot! thank you. but.....ahave i joined the group?
HopeForTheFuture13 Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I think you have owo
PencilSketch88199 Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2014
also, by the way! i need a little help with names... im making a female soldier with maybe a greyish kind of would be awesome if you could suggest names
HopeForTheFuture13 Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Well for all my gems i used french names i find them very elegant :3
PencilSketch88199 Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2014
ah! well im going to look for french words now..
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