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July 5, 2013
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Free Kitsune Adopts :CLOSED: by HopeForTheFuture13 Free Kitsune Adopts :CLOSED: by HopeForTheFuture13
three on the left are female, three on the right are male.
From left to right

3. ADOPTED by ~Mega-Man-King
4. Adopted by ~Raveassassin
5. ADOPTED by ~fmagirl17

Fill out this is not first come first serve
Which one:
Will Use for:
Likes, Dislikes, Personality:
Anything note worthy:

no being rude you do act rudely to me and you will never get an adopt from me ever.. -w-
You can get one for a friend but please tell me you are doing this~
One per person~
No reselling!
Feel free to edit once its yours~
Please put nya nya nyan in your comment. So I know you read the rules
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I'm just wondering, cause I know the bio I wrote was kinda small, I apologize for the rush one I made, I was babysitting
So, I'm guessing the ones open mean that the people who tried for them don't meet your expectations?
HopeForTheFuture13 Aug 27, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
please don't spam me with lots of messages >w< it makes it harder for me to sort through things
HopeForTheFuture13 Aug 27, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
its fine :3
I just forgot to include the other part, that's why there was 2 sent
pokemonlover3457 Aug 9, 2013  Student Writer
Which one: 2
Name: Mina
Age: 16
Will Use for: Rp's, Rp's, and more Rp's (lol im mostly good at that since i suck at stories xD)
Likes, Dislikes, Personality: Dislikes-She hate's water, getting up before 11:00am, and quiet areas; Likes- Loud music(more like rock or punk xD), concert's in the junkyard, parties, the night!
History: She grew up with a drunk father who always used to beat her because of her mother's death from when she was only 3 she now lives alone in a run down apartment with loud neighbors next door who party every night until the cops show up or they all crash and every night she goes to either a party or one of the concert's and she usually helps others when the cops come by making herself a distraction so every one can get away safely
Anything note worthy: She's not the best role model, she always keeps her room darkened , favorite drink is Pepsi or Mountain Dew

Nya Nya Nyan~!~!~! >w<
Nya Nya Nyan!  i felt like doing it twice xD
Raveassassin Jul 6, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Which one: #4
Name: Shade Maddox Lee
Age: 19
Will Use for: Pandemonium Circus, He would be part of the Animals exhibit, able to keep the more...edgy animals calm around humans.
Likes, Dislikes, Personality: He greatly likes animals, Music, and watching other acts in the circus preform. He dislikes being talked back to, people who don't listen, things going wrong, sticky foods. His personality is sly, seductive, often teasing, but more or less pretty nice to others, if they treat him respectfully.
History: Shade was born to a loving family, and was pretty happy with them, until his 16th birthday, where his rebellious stage began to form. "Don't go into the woods alone!" he went there by himself, unarmed, and played with the stray animals in the woods, they actually listened to him. "Don't talk to strangers!" He went to a bar and purposefully talked to older attractive people and eventually dated one of them. "Don't drink until you're 18!"...alright this one actually got him into trouble. BIG trouble. He was kidnapped on his 17th birthday, a year of him being rebellious lead to him passing out drunk on the street, and being mistaken for a street rat, taken in by a pharmaceutical company that tested medicines on humans who had nothing left anymore, like homeless people and (you guessed it) street rats. The many toxins put in his system threw off his DNA chain, causing him to grow ears and tails. He was a rather vicious subject though, yelling and fighting, getting the attention of other subjects as well. Soon a few months later, a fellow subject escaped, and brought a few subjects with him, Shade luckily being one of them. They didn't know where to go, Shade decided for them to go to the woods, hide there until they found a place to stay, and they found it. The circus pandemonium, which they were brought in and trained to do acts to stay there. Shade is an animal tamer now, who allows the braver ones in the audience to join the acts with animals such as tigers and bears. He also hangs around the aerial tents, playing around on the equipment with some of the aerial dancers, hanging from his tails upside down, making the others laugh sometimes.
Anything note worthy: He dyed his hair purple, a way of saying "you can't tell me what to do!" but the toxins from the pharmaceutical company made it permanent. He also really likes catnip tea, even though the others hate it with a passion.
Nya Nya Nyan~
ohoho hello it is me
HopeForTheFuture13 Jul 6, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
And he is yours~ >W< Please show me the first thing you do with him and enjoy~
nya nya nyan
Which one: # 1
Name: Julie of the Moon
Age: 17
Will Use for: Drawing, short story
Likes: Moon, stories, candy, gems, stars
Dislikes: empty space, loneliness
Personality: shy, mysterious
History: Goddess of the moon, appears on earth as a warning to those who want to destroy the land on which she shines down on
Anything note worthy: Might use her to teach a little girl how to draw, she is the perfect design, this girl loves half breeds
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