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HopeForTheFuture13 has started a donation pool!
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Pay for adopts here please so its easy for me to keep track of it~
And point commissions as well~
or if you'd just like to give me a few points >w>
Most points will go towards donations and gifts for others~ Cause I like to make people happy~

Humanoid Customs are 10 to 50 :points: depending on difficulty

MLP customs are 10 to 80 :points: depending on difficulty

MLP Custom Breedings are 20 :points: per baby~

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Call me Hope~
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Miss-Rainbow-Hope Is my other account which I'm going to use for my painting... If I ever buy more paints...
:3 I like helping people so ask if you need something~
Name: Hope, That Cat, Nyan Knight etc
Age: 19 DOB Nov 10th

My DA Family~

My Boyfriend in RL bjwickre
My femboi making sister KageShadowKunoichi
My Pokémon Buddeh WarriorCatBlaze
My Yaoi RP Buddy fmagirl17
My kawaii Little Sister Kittycare-Agency
My marshmallow Zombie AnimeEmoz
My Fluffy Cupcake Monster Cousin Monster-Drool
My Crazed Yaoi Freak Brother nerdkingx75x
My Unicorn Lovin' sister TiDye
My Wittle Sister KyuuketsukiNoShouzo
My big snuggly brother ChibiFang777
1. Choose some of your OCs
2. Make your OCs answer these questions
3. Tag other people

H= Hope *not me but one of my ocs who happens to be named hope shes a loner and quite strange*
C = Celine Cooper *a hyper neko who acts more like her shoe size than her own age*
B = Bailey Cooper *a retired solider turned assassian for hire does not like being touched*
E = Ellery Pacer *A video game loving rich boy*
D = Dion Chevalier *A gay fashion designer who loves cosplaying and playing matchmaker*

-A. How old are you?
H: s-sixteen... >///<
C: Sixteen~ =^w^=
B: That is none of your business! C: Hes thirty- mff! *gets mouth covered by B*
E: eighteen and a half :)
D: nineteen...

-B. Do you want a hug?
H: n-no thank you... Y-you don't want to hug me...
C: Sure~ *purrs happily*
B: Touch me.. And I'll shoot you in the kneecap...
E: uh sure I guess?
D: ........yes.....

-C. Have any bad habits?
H: f-fidgeting... o-or stuttering... I g-guess...
C: like what nya?~ B: She says Nyaaa~ a lot, talks in third person and pounces on people...
B: .... I guess I treat my rifle better than most people...
E: I tend to stay up all night playing games... hehe
D: ......... Does giving your friends risky clothing to get laid count?

-D. You a virgin?
H: y-yeah...
C: virgin? Whats that? B: She is... and she will remain one...
B: No... I wish I was... But I'm not
E: u-um *nods*
D: I've never been with a woman... but I've had sex... I'll let you figure out what that means

-E. Have any kids?
H: n-no
C: No Celine doesn't have kittens yet *pouts* even though thier fluffy and cute
B: Just Celine...
E: nope
D: I have a son...

-F. Favorite food or drink?
H: u-um I l-like r-raspberries
C: Fish and milk~ can I have some?
B: ..... I like Soda... any kind as long as it has sugar
E: I do love eating fresh baked cheese bread
D: ..... I like melons...

-G. Killed anyone?
H: IT WAS AN ACCIDENT! *curls up*
C: um no?
B: Plenty of people... If you're in my sight your as good as dead
E: no... why would I?
D: .......... y-... no

-H. Hate anyone?
H: The people who made me...
C: yes! That mean kitsune Kasumi *pouts* shes so mean to poor Celine!
B: Who don't I hate? But the ones I hate most are my addict mother, Alice, and the one called... Corso...
E: Not really
D: ........... no

-I. Any secrets?
H: I'm not entirely human
C: Celine and Celina share a body but Celina is a lot meaner
B: ..... My soul is owned by a fire witch who gave me Celine to raise
E: I want to join a circus and I've been practicing to do it
D: ...... I want to go outside.... But I don't want to hurt mother but leaving....

-J. Love anyone?
H: n-no... and no one loves me...
C: Yes~ Celine loves Corso~ So fluffy and foxy~ *giggles*
B: ........ The only person I remotely care about is Celine.... And as my daughter... I don't need a lover
E: u-um *blushes*
D: *nods* Tory Rose...

-K. What is your job?
H: d-does being a e-experiment count?
C: Celine only goes to school *pouts*
B: ... To the public I'm a small business owner... but in truth I kill for money...
E: I don't have one...
D: .... fashion designer...

-L. Favorite season?
H: Spring... The rain is beautiful to hear...
C: Summer~ Celine gets to dress in a bikini~ :heart:
B: Summer theres no mud or snow to leave tracks in...
E: I like fall its so nice to see all the leaves~
D: ..... it doesn't matter what season it is... I still can't go outside...

-M. Who's your best friend?
H: I have no friends... I've never been outside this cell before...
C: um... Celine doesn't have a best friend but has lots of friends!
B: I don't need friends
E: er... I guess Maverick
D:  .... Ryzard

-N. Hobbies?
H: Does creating illusions for myself count?
C: Celine likes climbing things, clawing things, hunting, *goes on to list a bunch of cat like things*
B: Stock piling for the end of the world
E: I spend my free time gaming
D: .... Sewing and crafting

-O. What are you going to do when this tag is over?
H: Go back to daydreaming...
C: Pounce on Corso~
B: Move onto my next target
E: Play Minecraft
D: ......... Make a Maid outfit for Tory...

-P. What is your eye color?
H: ......reddish?
C: oh a pretty green!
B: bluish green...
E: Brown
D: bright blue

-Q. Are you good? Or bad?
H: ...... I guess bad....
C: Celine is a good kitty~
B: Neutral
E: er good?
D: ... I'm rather naughty

-R. If you could get anything right now what would it be?
H: To be free...
C: yummy fish~
B: You with a bullet in the head?
E: I want tickets to the next circus
D: A cure for asthma

-S. What is your greatest fear?
H: .... Death
C: um being alone Celine doesn't like being alone
B: Celine being hurt
E: Not living up to my fathers legacy I guess
D: Not being able to breathe

-T. Does your name have a special meaning?
H: Experiment H-113... Nicknamed Hope... My creators saw me as a way to predict future wars... illnesses... So they named me Hope...
C: Celine means moon~ Daddy gave it to Celine cause shes pretty like the moon~ B: Actually... It was the only name I could think of
B: Bailey... It was my mother being a B*tch...
E: I don't think so I think my mom just liked the name
D: .... I was named after a french knight

-V. Any siblings?
H: there are other experiments in the lab... but we aren't related.. .
C: well Celina is like a sister
B: Not that I know of but mother was a "street walker" and father was a drug dealer so who knows?
E: No I'm a only child
D: I have several siblings...

-W. Where do you live?
H: in my cell... its all I know...
C: With Daddy~
B: A two story house near the hood.. but not close enough were Celine would be in danger...
E: In my parents summer home its a house by the beach
D: ... My parents Manor...

-X. Do you find yourself attractive?
H: .... no...
C: Celine is adorable~
B: not really
E: I think I'm alright looking
D: no... I have the wrong body type to model clothing... I need to be taller...

-Y. What's the stupidest thing you've ever pulled off?
H: I tried to escape once...
C: Oh Celine cuddled with daddy lots when I was little!
B: ..... there was the time a hit failed and I ended up hiding inside a dumpster for 3 hours...
E: I ran away to the circus for a week when I was a kid
D: ..... The times I sneak outside I suppose...

-Z. Any last words?
H: bye...
C: Send Celine Fish!
B: shouldn't I be asking that?
E: Bye~
D: ......... good bye....
I tag
:iconbjwickre: and anyone else who wants to do this~

Corso belongs to bjwickre
Tory Rose belongs to nerdkingx75x

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